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Deconstructing the Democratic Debate

December 21, 2015

In this hour, I break down the 3rd and final Democratic debate prior to the primaries. I speak specifically about the debate that took place among Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton regarding their strategies against the Assad regime and ISIS.

GOP Cares About Gun Victims, As Long As They’re Killed by Muslims

December 17, 2015

In this hour I recap the CNN GOP Debate from this past Tuesday (with audio clips) and discourse on the lack of knowledge and substantial arguments the candidates have on not only terrorism but guns in America as well. The shutdown of the LA school district (2nd largest in the country) due to electronic bomb threat occurred the morning of the debate.

Black Holes, Dark Energy, and Dark Matter

December 16, 2015

In this hour, I’m joined by Dr. Karl Gebhardt, the Herman and Joan Suit Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin.

He and I discuss the scientific phenomena known as black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. We discuss their effects on galaxies and the universe as it pertains to the laws of physics.

Mind blown yet?! Just tune in.

Should It Be Legal to Sell a Gun to a Terrorist?

December 14, 2015

I’m joined by callers as we discuss whether people on the ‘No Fly List’/'Terror Watch List’ should be allowed to purchase guns.

The Psychology Of Gun Owners

December 9, 2015

Today, I discuss the 2 reactions that people always have in the aftermath of mass shootings in the US. We all feel remorse and sadness for those that loose their lives, at least I hope so. But, or course, the issues that surround these shootings is often divided among party lines.

Liberals like myself grow angry at the inactivity in Congress to do anything about the issues that lead to these killings. Over 90% of Americans and 85% of gun owner’s are in favor of universal background checks on all gun sales. Why isn’t anything being done? This is just one example.

Conservatives for some reason, don’t view tragedies like San Bernardino, Charleston, or Sandy Hook as enough to justify stricter gun laws of any kind. Why is this?

Listen in as I go over the deeply rooted and often personal psychology of gun owners.

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