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Recent Videos
3/22/15Aaron Shock, Republican Obstruction, and Support for Easier Voting [News Channel 8]

3/21/15Bibi, Barack, and Boehner Won’t Affect Strong US-Israel Alliance [FOX]

The disagreements among Bibi and Barack and Boehner will not affect the fundamental US-Israel Alliance.

3/1/15GOP Battles to Shut Down Homeland Security [FOX News]

But I thought they said they care about stopping terrorist threats and border security? And now they want to shut down US Airline traffic?... read more

2/28/15GOP Gov’t Shut-Down, Netanyahu, and 2016 [News Channel 8]

On Capital Insider, Mark debates: 1)  The Republican attempt to again shut down the Government:  this time, the Department of Homeland Security; 2)  The... read more