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Troubled Teens, War in Gaza, Child Refugees on US Border [Inside Scoop]

July 10, 2014

1.  I appear briefly in a documentary on Showtime tonight at 7:30 pm ET on the Troubled Teen Industry:  You’ll see I have a few words in the trailer at 1:12.  I’ve been exposing these places for almost a decade now. The documentary, Kidnapped for Christ, will be repeated on Showtime for a few weeks.


2.  I support Israeli retaliation in Gaza to act in self defense to stop the rockets raining down on Israeli cities. Israel should protect civilians as much as possible, but it must act. See my commentary on this issue here.


3.  My comment on the Central American child refugees at the American border. I will also discuss this topic tomorrow at 6 pm on 89.3 FM in the the Greater DC/Baltimore Metropolitan area.


Listen as I discuss these three issues and others tonight with Leslie Marshall from 8-10 pm ET.

Click here to listen live.

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Abuse of Teenagers in Drug Programs, Part 2

September 16, 2011

Mitt Romney’s national finance co-chair and Utah finance chair ran some of the most abusive teen torture centers (aka “treatment facilities) in the country.


Mitt Romney needs to disassociate from Mel Sembler (Straight, Inc.) and Robert Lichfield (WWASP) pronto or face the consequences!


Links to US Government Accountability Office Reports:

The Inside Scoop on Sarah Palin

September 2, 2008

First Hour

Second Hour

Third Hour

Special 3-hour shows all this week, as Mark fills in for Leslie Marshall

You’ve probably heard something about 1) Troopergate, but did you know that Palin has been caught lying about it? Check out the local Anchorage news, which gives an in-depth look at the scandal and inquiry. It’s a he-said she-said between Palin and Walter Monegan, the Public Safety Officer she fired. But Monegan says he has emails proving Palin’s lying. Oops! (Results due in October: just in time.)

And by now, you know the Alaska Governor’s 2) 16-year-old unmarried daughter conceived a baby while her mother, Sarah Palin supports abstinence-only education and is opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape. Although everyone in Palin’s hometown of Wasilla apparently knew about the teen pregnancy, it’s obvious that McCain’s top advisors were not informed in advance.

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