Did an Obama Volunteer Hire a Legal Prostitute? Who Cares? [FOX]

October 12, 2014
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Did a 25-year-old unmarried volunteer for the Obama Administration sleep with a prostitute in Colombia (which is legal there) while doing some advance work for the President’s visit?


In the Washington Post’s breathless account, it’s a front-page story worth several columns of ink.  His father’s a donor!  The investigation was pushed off until after the Election!  The Secret Service got in trouble for the same thing!


No wonder FOX wants me to discuss it this Sunday.  This could be their next big scandal!  (Just as the non-scandals of BenghaziGate and IRSGate peter out…).  I don’t choose the topics, of course, but I will dress up in a suit and tie, go on air and, using my most professional judgment as a constitutional attorney, former legislative Congressional counsel, and ex-Congressional candidate, I will share my best considered pundit wisdom on the matter by saying: “Who Cares?”


I get it. It’s fun to discuss. And prurient. Much as liberals want all the details of the Palin family brawl in Alaska.  And I get that it’s entertaining news.  Maybe not so much for the Washington Post, which I respect. But outlets like TMZ should give us all the gory details.


Personally, I’d rather Congress and the President focus on keeping the economy moving, the war and massacres in the Middle East, climate change, immigration reform, and actually letting people vote (and encouraging it!) I want to celebrate marriage equality and bemoan the hundreds of millions of dollars that shadowy corporate interests are funneling to our political candidates in “legal bribery”. (I’d say in wheelbarrows, but it’s far more money than that!)


Yes, yes.  I know prostitutes and brawls are much better copy. But am I a dork to care more about public policy?

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